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Feedbacks on English interpreter in China
Name: Amy Wu

Hi Cindy

First of all, I would like to apologise for my delay in replying. I have a lot of work to catch up on when I came back to Australia.

I must say it was an absolute pleasure to have worked with Amy. She really made my trip to China a pleasure. I came back to Australia having completed every task I set myself.

Amy had completed a lot of work before I arrived. She had extensively carried out internet based research, called prospective suppliers and even travelled to the shopping regions before I arrived to check suitability.

I found Amy cheerful, easy going and hard working.

Amy was able to guide me to the correct location quickly and effortlessly and negotiate on my behalf. An example was changing travellers cheques and the difficulties I experienced in China as I didn't have the issue receipt with me. She was able to call 6 or 7 banks in a short time to see which other bank I could visit.

Amy also recommended accommodation to suit my requirements.

I without reservation recommend Amy and hope some day in the near future can find another reason to visit China and hire her services.

I am happy to talk with any prospective clients.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for further information.

I would like to thank you also for your recommendation of Amy. Between the two of you I was able to safely and confidently travel to China and purchase the items I was looking for.

Best regards

Mark Eaton



Hi Cindy,

Just got back to the office in England and would just like to thank you for your help in arranging our interpreter Amy Wu last week.

Amy was so helpful and professional and made sure that everything went smoothly.
Her interpretor skills are impressive and she was delightful company. I would not hesitate to reccommend her to anybody looking to source manufacturers in china.
I am sure that I would use your company and Amy again next time I am in Guangzhou.


Peter Hoggard
Airpress Developments Ltd


Hi Cindy,

Please see the feedback below.

As properly advised, Amy was very approachable and communicative, which was a requirement for such a job as a marketing survey. During our business trip she has demonstrated her experience by giving valuable suggestions and applying efficient technics to gather sufficient number of responses. We have over fulfilled our initial project's targets, and accomplished much more than we have expected.

We have also enjoyed Amy's company, who was extremely friendly and cheerful. Amy was also attentive to any kind of information we communicated to her, from business to leisure matters, and found solutions to any tasks we have set. She has also demonstrated initiative and helped us to adopt to local cultural peculiarities. Overall, extremely positive experience, and an excellent fit for performing the job we have assigned for Amy.

Thanks and regards,

Maria Surkova


Name: Coco Zhang

Dear Cindy (interpretersky)

Thank you for recommending Coco Zhang to be my translator.

Ms Coco Zhang has been very effective in her assignment with us despite our products being specialized and technical.

She is punctual and has good business manners.
Like to engage her services in future too.

Saravanan Ramamoorthy, India

Name: Michael Mao
Dear Cindy,(a staff from interpretersky)

Hope all are well with you !

Just to let you know that I arrived safely back home in Florida USA.
In few words I would like to describe my experience in China, and especially with Michael Mao.

I was very nervous before my departure and during the flight, not knowing what to expect and if Michael would be there waiting for me when I arrive in Shanghai. Sure enough Michael was standing there as he said with name plate.

During my 4 day business trip, having Michael with me it was no regret. Very polite, intelligent, with manners and very prompt. He told me that he will be at the hotel at 8 o'clock in the morning, and no doubt he was there. His English is very good, I had very little problem understanding him and that is most likely due to his soft speaking. Helpful and caring, a person I enjoyed being with, like a family member.

A safe driver. I can say I am really glad I had him with me. When I was returning back to Beijing, am I glad he came with me to the airport. The China airline was solid booked. He tried every airline to find me a return ticket to Beijing. Luckily I had him to communicate with them in Chinese to put me on stand by in case of any cancellations. It was on Saturday evening and I wanted to be in Beijing on Sunday, and yes he was able to get me that ticket !

Now for you to understand why I said I felt with him as a family member I want to share with you this unique and surprising experience. Before I left Shanghai I gave him the tel NR of the hotel in Beijing to reserve me a room. The flight was scheduled to depart at 9:55 pm but it was delayed 2 hours, it departed at 15 min after midnight. I arrived in Beijing at 2:45 am. After I was picked up from the airport by the hotel driver, the drivers telephone starts ringing. It was Michael. I couldn't believe that he would stay up that late, he was concern of my safety, to make sure I was picked up and taken to the hotel and not left to spend the night in the airport.

I will recommend him to everyone who expects and wants the best.
Thanks again,
Best regards,


From comcast.net in USA

Name: Jean Qiu
Dear Cindy,

I enjoyed meeting Jean and was impressed by her command of the English language and her professionalism.

I look forward to keep working together in the future.

David Freddi

RME Capital (Singapore) Pte. Ltd.

Name: Gingko Wang
Hello Cindy,

We just returned to the United States from our business trip to Beijing and cannot begin to thank you enough for your introduction to Gingko Wang.
Gingko was amazing! After taking it upon herself to study our website and our technical presentation materials the first day we met her, she asked excellent questions and she quickly understood and was able to do a great job of assisting us in explaining our technical process during our business presentation meetings.

Gingko was extremely professional, has a wonderful personality, spoke impeccable English and I would highly recommend Gingko to anyone travelling to China in need of an interpreter.

Again, we cannot thank you enough for recommending Gingko to us.


Tracey Schram
Chief Operations Officer

Name: Armstrong Zuo
To Whom It May Concern,

In April 2010 I used Interpretersky's Armstrong for English-Chinese translation services for about four days, and was very pleased with his translation. I was in town on business attending a trade show, and Armstrong did a great job. I would recommend to others to use Armstrong, since he has a very pleasant demeanor, and a desire to assist in all regards. In addition to translating for me, he also researched and made hotel arrangements, suggested gifts and helped shop for them, planned travel, and negotiated extensively on my behalf with various parties when required.

He is a talented young man, and I'll be using his services again when in China.


Andrew Arthurs

Name: Cecillia Liu
Dear Cindy(the staff from interpretersky),

I would like to send in my reference for Cecillia Liu's interpreting
services last month.

In June 2010 I went to the CHPI trade show, to find suppliers for my
company. It was my first time in China and am not accustomed to Chinese
trade and customs. Cecillia Liu was of great assistance during the CHPI
trade show. She saved me a lot of time, made me aware of Chinese customs,
and brought many solutions.

She is helpful, energetic, takes initiative,
speaks English well and is highly qualified all round. Cecillia Liu is very
alert and was able to point me at things that did not add up, with some
suppliers. My company has hired interpreters before, but Cecillia Liu is
the most qualified and professional interpreter I have met so far. So I am
very content with Cecillia Liu's service and will surely like to hire her
again at the next trade show.

With kind regard,

A. Schouten

Name: Qiushuang Yan

I appreciate the help you've been in locating a translator. Yan was a good fit the job and I am very satifisfied with her work and would highly recommend her.

Best Regards

Raymond Chin


Name: Lynn Chuh
To whom this may concerns,

As one of Zhu Lin¡¯s superior during her stay in Millipore, I am writing this personal memo to provide you with a better idea of her.

In the period that I worked with her, Zhu Lin had showed to be able to pick up skills quickly, and was able to analyze situation in a fast and critical fashion. She exhibited much zest and interest in account management and salesmanship. She was also observant and had related herself well with her customers. Her stay in Germany had served her well in her interaction with personnel from the western economies. In addition, she was able to communicate effectively in English and had shown competence in her composition.

Without a doubt, I believe Zhu Lin will be able to perform and will be an asset wherever she goes.

Yours Sincerely,

Chin Bin Tan

Key Account Manager

Millipore Singapore Pte Ltd

Name: Armstrong Zuo
To it may concern:

I am writing to recommend Armstrong Zuo. I met Armstrong in Xiamen, Fujian, China. I¡¯m a professional photographer and I had arrived there to work on a story for a magazine. I had been introduced to Armstrong by a friend from Interpretersky, because I needed to work with a guide and translator.

Armstrong met me every morning at my hotel at 8 a.m. to begin our work; he was punctual and professional. We travelled all around Fujian province over the several weeks I spent there, visiting tourist sites and other locations throughout the countryside. Armstrong was really an excellent assistant and translator. During my stay the most important thing to me was that Armstrong was open-minded, willing to try new approaches to looking at both Xiamen, and Fujian, differently; and that he stayed positive. Armstrong passed all my tests with flying colors. We worked 12-14 hour days and the entire time he stayed helpful, positive and cheerful throughout.

Armstrong performed mainly as my interpreter, his English is excellent, but more than that he is a great communicator. He listened to my needs as a photographer (something he has no experience in) and figured out ways to best support my work efforts in towns and cities I had never been to before. For the two weeks that Armstrong and I worked together I can honestly say that Armstrong¡¯s effort, communication and determination aided my success that week. He was instrumental.

So, this is my recommendation. I feel that Armstrong would be an asset to any company or organization. His skills are life skills and they can transcend industries and jobs. Should you be interested in discussing Armstrong, his performance, or my recommendation, please don¡¯t hesitate to contact me directly. My contact details are below.


Ryan Pyle
Shanghai, China

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